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Welcome to Wild Hearts Rising

Co-create a transformational work culture together where people thrive and are supported to become the best versions of themselves in this lifetime.

About My Approach

Wholehearted Commitment and Alignment to Your Most Authentic Self

Suzette is passionate about helping leaders form diverse and inclusive teams that drive progress and innovation. She does this by assisting them in aligning with themselves, and then aligning with the right people through a culture-first hiring process that eliminates second-guessing themselves. 

Suzette West

Suzette West, M.C.P.C.

The Meaningful Work Maven


After two decades in the real estate industry, Suzette went through a major life change that sparked her mission as a coach since 2017.


The work she does is meaningful and positively transformational. She loves helping people realize the power and wisdom they already possess to co-create a better future; a future led by the heart in alignment with the mind. This alignment between heart and mind is called coherence. It is the very first step to any meaningful change.


She loves working with purpose-driven change-makers, cycle-breakers, conscious business leaders and founders. She also embraces conscious capitalism, impact investing, and connecting with conscious communities who share the belief that business can be a force for good in the world.

Working With Suzette


"Working with Suzette has helped me to establish healthy boundaries, and take care of myself. I am a grandmother. I was raising my grandkids for six years. I’m a substance abuse counselor and going to school for my Ph.D. I just had a chaotic lifestyle, in which there were no boundaries. There was no self-care. I use everything that I learned from working with Suzette in all that I do. I have increased my productivity at home and at work. I have also helped my team to increase their morale and productivity. The work I have done with Suzette's support has helped me help my team enhance our level of communication. The work has also empowered my team’s level of engagement. I now have the tools and skills to help me and my team better deal with crises. My team is now able to come together and bring unity within our community and within the work environment."


-Ana Y Adams-Davies, Program Mgr -  Tushka Ohoyo Adams-Davies


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