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About Suzette West, M.C.P.C.

Wholehearted Commitment and Alignment to Your Most Authentic Self

After two decades in the real estate industry, Suzette went through a major life change that sparked her mission as a coach.


The work she does is meaningful and positively transformational. She loves helping people realize the power and wisdom they already possess to co-create a better future; a future led by the heart in alignment with the mind. This alignment between heart and mind is called coherence. It is the very first step to any meaningful change.


Suzette provides services to help boost confidence and alignment, as well as offer support to help you get into the flow towards the next right baby step in your life's journey.

Studying at Home

My Background 

Specialized Training

  • HeartMath Institute

  • Certified Life Coach Institute


  • Certified Building Personal Resilience Coach (HeartMath Institute)

  • Certified Activating the Heart of Teams Trainer (HeartMath Institute)

  • Certified Professional Coach (Certified Life Coach Institute)

  • Master Certified Professional Coach (Certified Life Coach Institute)


Leadership team alignment and culture development

Who I Help

I help visionary founders, CEOs, and leaders align with their most authentic expression of self.

How I Do It

I do this by supporting clients to first align with themselves, so they can be in tune with their inner wisdom and internal GPS.

What's in It for You

Trust your intuition when making decisions about your life. Allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom and stay true to who you are, so you can find fulfillment and live an authentic life.

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor
Suzette West  - Certified Executive Coach
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