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A-Player Alignment Accelerator

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Welcome to the A-Player Adventure!

Become the “Hero” of your organization and embark on a journey of transformation and growth to create an inclusive, collaborative, and fulfilling workplace culture.

A-Player Alignment Accelerator Program Overview

The Core Three Stages and Nine Steps

Exploring Nature


The Activate stage is about activating the inner-Hero and bringing all available natural-born resources online to facilitate the A-Player Adventure ahead. The three steps are:

Step 1: Activating the “inner Hero" -  is where our hero meets their inner-hero, often for the first time.


Step 2: Activate the “Inner Battery" - this "inner battery” is a metaphor for the human nervous system, which allows our hero's to self-regulate to stay calm, grounded, and centered in times of turbulent changes.


Step 3: Activate the “Inner GPS" - this “inner GPS” is a metaphor for your intuition, and it gives our hero's the ability to sense and navigate uncertain terrain confidently.

Exploring Nature


In the Attune stage, our heroes learn how to use their natural-born abilities to seek, capture, and discern energetic information to powerfully make decisions from informed intuition.

Step 4: Attune to Self - Our Hero focuses on tuning into what they want and why this journey is essential. 


Step 5: Attune to People - In this step, our Hero focuses on tuning into the wants and needs of the people within the organization. This is where the people share their desires for an inclusive culture.


Step 6: Attune to Vision - With the people's desires at heart, our hero must now intuitively connect with the desired culture so that it becomes a clear and resonant vision that guides the way forward.

Exploring Nature


Step 7: Self-Alignment  - In this step, our hero connects mind to heart, gets clear on what's essential to them, and develops the ability to stay resilient in the face of challenges while trusting informed intuition to guide the next right step forward. The goal of this step is to become clear on how they want to show up as an empowered inclusive A-Player leader.


Step 8: Relational Alignment  - In this step, our hero gets clear on how to connect and align people to the desired culture by becoming a model that embodies the new culture and values, and then empowering their people by becoming a mentor and coach that invites, encourages, and guides people through the same process of activation, attunement, and alignment within themselves, with each other, and with the shared vision of the new inclusive culture.


Step 9: Collective Alignment - In the Collective Alignment step, our hero and team brings all the pieces together to connect self and people to the vision, create and communicate the Roadmap, as well as assign ownership of the roles and responsibilities to each group member, so they understand with clarity the role they play in helping to realize the vision of co-creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Each stage helps you gear up for the adventure ahead, tune into yourself and others, and ultimately align yourself and your team with a shared vision. 

The Hero’s Journey is a classic tale of transformation, and it’s at the heart of the A-Player Alignment Accelerator Program™. You are the Hero of your story. Imagine your ideal workplace culture… Are you ready to step into your role and make it a reality?

You can start today!  


Join our waitlist to get a sneak peek into Stage 3 with our free Self-Alignment Tip Sheet and other tips to begin your journey delivered straight to your doorstep by carrier pigeons. Oh, no, your inbox!

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