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The Power of Pausing Before Pivoting

Pausing: An Essential Part of the Pivoting Process

It is human nature to react without giving it much thought. However, embracing the power of pausing before pivoting is an essential concept to consider in any situation because pausing creates a space to contemplate conditions and situations surrounding particular circumstances before making critical decisions.

Taking a moment to pause and reflect on circumstances can allow us to gain clarity and insight into the most beneficial next step, which is to get quiet inside and sit in concentrated moments of stillness to fully receive and process intuitive guidance on the situation at hand.

Pausing comes after slowing down and allows creativity to come alive as our minds release attachments to a particular outcome. We learn to suspend judgment and be open to out-of-the-box solutions that consider harmonious resolutions to problems that spark the spirit of innovation and an accelerating rate of positive impact and change in the more extraordinary tapestry of humanity's history and evolution. These collective headwinds are affecting work's future on so many levels. The need for next-level inclusive A-Player leaders to grow and evolve waits for no one. We can bend with the wind or break against the great winds of change. The choice is ultimately ours to make, and it begins within the first point of alignment, which is self-alignment, learning about the "inner battery" of the human nervous system, and connecting the inner GPS, then learning to trust the intuitive wisdom guided by the vision channeled by the inclusive leaders that serve as mentor and coach to inspire and develop A-Player team and group members; even in the world of remote work.

Learning to pause has several benefits. Here's a look at some of the most important:

  1. Creates space to get still and reflect on thoughts, beliefs, emotions

  2. Getting still allows the space to reflect on thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, creates a rich opportunity to contemplate insightful questions and journal stream of consciousness what flows from your inner-wisdom

  3. Journaling stream of consciousness is a relationship-builder for building the relationship with self, the source of personal human empowerment.

Find Space to Reflect and Contemplate

When taking this pause, we can explore alternative routes and perspectives not otherwise considered initially. We may discover further information or new understandings that can inform our future actions. Staying present here and now allows us to remain open-minded and receptive, enabling us to consider all information before taking action.

Pausing helps You Stay Fully Present.

Staying fully present and being in the moment is especially important in times of transition when we need to make a difficult decision or pivot in another direction, such as with career changes or personal relationships. Pausing means allowing ourselves time and space away from the rush of everyday life so that we can properly assess what’s best for ourselves. It enables us to weigh our options carefully and make informed decisions about how we want our lives to proceed.

Pausing provides a Safe Container for Self-Reflection

A pause period can also provide an excellent platform for self-reflection, helping us more clearly identify values, goals, and desires, which then serve as guiding principles when making choices. This self-reflection can lead us to more meaningful connections with ourselves and others, leading us onto paths of fulfillment and true success - something we may have missed out on without taking time out first.

Pausing before making a pivot is an essential key component in navigating life’s many transitions effectively, allowing us time for decision-making without being rushed by external pressures or influenced by one particular outcome or perspective.

Taking this time out enables us to deeply explore different options while staying rooted in our values and goals so that whatever decision we end up going with feels aligned with who we are - thus leading us towards more fulfilling outcomes further down the line.

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